Wednesday, October 21, 2009

bleh. coffee.

so im sitting at a starbucks sipping starbucks juice (sounds kinda gross) and stealing (not really) their internet and wishing i brought my wacom tablet with me. yes, i still dont have internet at my new place. but at the very least, the new place seems nice. seems. im sure something terrible will happen eventually. like a giant kraken (sorta redundant) out of the toilet. that would actually be kinda awesome. i would also have nowhere to live.

id leave you a picture or doodle or something, but i dont have any. oh wait, i have this:

eh... it looks better when it actually moves.

anyway, my point is, i will be delayed further. but hopefully, i will be able to find internet throughout the week and post things then. maybe not awesome things since im still unpacking, but things nonetheless.

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